A Day in the Life of Ukraine 2


Welcome to the Next Day!

Hello, hello, everyone!

Welcome to our new site! Here you can read all of the pieces written for the second edition of “A Day in the Life of Ukraine” on May 5, 2012! Thanks for stopping by!

Though our pool of writers was a bit smaller this time around, the quality of writing remained impressively high, and we are pleased to present a variety of voices to you here. Contributing writers included teachers and students from Ukraine, volunteers fresh from America mixed with those just about to return, poets, essayists, humorists, rap artists, photographers, and even a tattoo master!

For your convenience, we have again included an interactive map of our contributors below. Simply click on your city of choice to see all of the writers from that city who wrote about their May 5th.

You can also click on or hover over the “Read The Days Here” link to the right of the page to find all of the pieces broken down by region, city and writer.

Happy day, happy reading, and as always, happy writing!

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